Transforming Education for an “iGeneration”

According to Mariale Hardiman from John Hopkins University, we are in the midst of an “iGeneration” in which educators must consider critical topics related to teaching 21st Century learners. To that end, as the presence of technology (whether Social Media, Web 2.0, or other) in today’s classrooms grows at a fast pace, I wonder if educators are keeping up with the pace;  that is, are they prepared to teach in (or to) an iGeneration of students?

The 23rd Learning and the Brain Conference (Arlington, VA) in May 2012 will highlight some of the latest research related to how technology is transforming students’ brains as well as teaching and education.  Scholars from across the nation will present topics related to transforming education for “digital, multitasking, media, visual, and connected minds.”

Participants of the conference can come away with  knowledge about:

  • The impact of multitasking on ADHD, memory and attention
  • Ways the Internet is rewiring brains, attention and learning
  • Strategies for teaching and engaging the Net Generations
  • How technology will transform classrooms, education and interventions
  • The promise of emerging technologies for learning, reading, math and science
  • Dealing with stress, addiction, cyber-bullying and sleep in the digital age
  • Using video and exercise games for thinking, attention and memory
  • Ways to use social networks to improve learning and social skills
  • Leading 21st Century schools and video-game based curriculum
  • How iPads and Tablet technologies are changing schools
  • The Impact of media on reading, dyslexia and learning disorders

To check out the 32nd Learning and the Brain Conference go to


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