INFOGRAPHICS: Employer vs Student Social Media Usage

INFOGRAPHICS: Employer vs Student Social Media Usage

Infographics (i.e., graphic representations of information; Wikipedia, 2012) are becoming more and more popular. It is not hard to find an infographic on just about any topic these days. Specifically, infographics illustrating findings from studies in employee and user social media trends are increasing as social media itself become more popular.

Two interesting infographics when compared reveal some very interesting gaps in current research about employers and student use of social media for professional activities. First, as of 2009, 45% of companies polled in a CareerBuilder survey said they used social media sites to screen potential hires. Twenty-nine percent of companies used Facebook to find information on applicants; while, 26% used LinkedIn for the same reasons.


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Second, as of a 2010, an article from Daily Infographic on social media usage trends reported 41% of people using LinkedIn for marketing to generate business; while, 70% of people reported using LinkedIn for job-hunting to find potential employers.


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I wonder how many of the 70% of people using LinkedIn for job-hunting were recent college graduates; for that matter, I wonder how many of those users were successful in obtaining a job because of their LinkedIn accounts.

Interestingly, a 2008 StudentPoll found that of students who were surveyed and who reported having a social networking account (i.e., Facebook or other) only 11.6% were using their accounts for job networking (EDUCAUSE, 2008).

As the popularity of social media for professional activities grows (i.e., job screening, job-searching, professional networking, etc.) it seems more important than ever for educators to align social media education with social media trends. I believe recent social media research in several areas is lacking; more specifically, I believe that thorough, up-to-date research on current employee and student social media usage needs to be conducted. In a likewise manner, I predict that findings from such recent could inform current social media education and help educators guage whether or not current curriculum is aligned with how students will need to be prepared to use social media once they graduate.


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